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Safety in the Workplace

The safety and protection of employees and the general public in the workplace is the top priority of the Daigle Industries company. Daigle Industries has developed and implemented a Health, Safety, and Environmental program (HSE) that has resulted in a superior record of no injuries in the workplace since the company opened in 2013 (OSHA 300 & 300A). The HSE program encompasses accident prevention, accident investigation, accident reporting, personal protective equipment, fire protection and prevention, environmental protection, hazard communication, substance abuse prevention, hearing conservation, and safety meetings. Safety training includes certifications from the Alliance Safety Council, industrial facility owners, and MSHA.

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Quality Control

Quality Control Testing Facility

Quality is defined as the degree of excellence of something and Daigle Industries are committed to that excellence at every step of the construction process. With a centralized Quality Control Department consisting of two state-of-the-art equipped laboratories and a staff with a combined 70 plus years of quality control experience, Daigle Industries ensures that our product will meet or exceed specification standards. 


A quality product starts with a “mix design” tailored to fit the requirements of the job, and perform within or better than the design criteria.

Daigle Industries' in house quality control personnel design all our mixes to exceed the minimum required standard. Quality and safety is always our first priority, and we will provide a “mix” designed to meet your needs.

Once a mix is designed, we source the best raw materials. Our material stockpiles are continually monitored, sampled, and tested by our certified technicians to ensure that our raw materials meet standard specifications. Our laboratories are accredited through the CMEC Accreditation Program, and are formally recognized as having the necessary quality management system in place to conduct tests in line with the standards and guidelines specified by AASHTO R18—the “Recommended Practice for Establishing and Implementing a Quality Management System for Construction Materials Testing Laboratories.” 

The final step in supplying our clients with the highest quality product possible is the production. This is where Daigle industries volumetric mobile mixers stand above the rest.

Daigle Industries owns and operates Cementech C60 Volumetric Mobile Mixers which are the most innovative and technologically advanced volumetric mixers on the market today. The Cementech line of volumetric mixers allows us to control every aspect of the production of our concrete, and even allow for instantaneous adjustments.


Quality doesn’t stop at the production phase. Our quality control field technicians are on the job site at every step of the installation process.

Trained and certified technicians carefully monitor that the best placement practices and techniques are observed.

At the time of placement, our field technicians will cast one set of 28 day cylinders. More sets can be cast at the client’s request. The sample cylinders will be broken in our certified labs to ensure that our concrete has met the required minimum strength.

Concrete Samples
ELE International Concrete Cylinder Breaker

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